1.      Custodial Parent - parent with primary physical custody of the child(ren) and with whom the child(ren) reside

2.      Non-Custodial Parent - a parent who does not have primary physical custody of the child(ren)

3.      Emancipate - Child has reached the age of 18 and no longer in school

4.      Change in circumstances - Any change in income, custody/visitation, aid status, incarceration, SSI/SSP benefits, child care expenses, additional children not of this relationship whose support was not considered in the current order, or heath insurance not addressed in current or previous orders

5.      Stipulation - A child support agreement between parents established through the child support agency and no court hearing is required

Modification Reasons

Income - change in earning: decrease or increase in pay, SSI, Welfare or unemployment benefits

Visitation - now have consistent visitation, no longer visit

Custody - child now lives with me, lives with the other parent

Incarcerated - participant is in jail and release date is more than 3 months

Health Insurance - provide or no longer provide health insurance, changes in premium (cost)

Child care expense - now have child-care expense, child care expense ended

Arrears - past due child support amount

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